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Welcome to ACI - Advanced Cardiovascular Institute. Complete Cardiovascular Care Solutions.

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Welcome to Advanced Cardiovascular Institute!

Thank you for choosing ACI and placing your trust in our capable team. ACI is a specialist cardiovascular services unit providing cutting edge heart care and general blood circulatory services, covering the full spectrum from acute care, diagnosis and treatment to rehabilitation of all diseases involving the cardiovascular system.

We pride ourselves in providing technological and procedural sophistication that is on par with the most advanced centres in the world, right here in Trinidad and Tobago. At the same time, we never lose focus on the human touch, providing the highest level of care to nurture our patients back to good health.


ACI at Ten: Serving our community for a  decadeACI was established in 1999 to fill the large void that existed in interventional cardiovascular care. The team that was assembled is headed by the country’s leading expert in interventional cardiology, who is also ACI’s Medical Director. The other members of the team include the region’s most experienced cardiovascular technicians, cath lab and cardiac nurses and imaging specialists.

ACI is equipped with two cath labs. The interventional lab uses an industry leading General Electric Innova angiography system with the latest all-digital flat detector technology which is capable of performing angiograms on any part of the body. This technology is the most advanced available today and the X-ray image is immediately digitized on image capture, giving the best possible image quality and the lowest radiation dose.

The Lab is described as a “Combo” lab since it is equally proficient at doing angiograms of the heart as well as angiograms of any other part of the body. Among the added features of the lab is the ability to do Digital Subtraction Angiograms whereby any images of bones or other body structures may be removed from the images to give the best view of the blood vessels. The system is able to do a three dimensional angiogram whereby the X-ray images can be taken while the detector is rotating so that blood vessels can be seen from various angles while it is being filled with dye.

ACI carries the largest stock of catheters, balloons and stents including several brands of the most advanced and clinically proven drug eluting stents which have revolutionized the treatment of heart disease.


In conjunction with West Shore Private Medical Hospital, ACI has established a dedicated Coronary Care Unit (CCU). The CCU is specifically geared towards caring for patients with cardiac and other cardiovascular complaints – including those suffering a heart attack. The unit is staffed with internationally trained specialist cardiac nurses and the leading cardiologists in Trinidad & Tobago. The CCU utilizes the most advanced medical protocols and medications for the treatment of coronary and cardiovascular disease. These protocols are constantly updated, utilizing best practices in coronary care including primary angioplasty.

ACI prides itself on the CCU and in creating a setting for world-class acute cardiovascular care to give patients the best possible treatment in the quickest possible time when they need it most. This is why this unit is often called “The Heart Attack Centre” of Trinidad & Tobago and we are pleased to have saved many lives since it was established.